An interview with Aetherleib’s eintrostlosespferd (2020) — EN

Vladislav Drews: Thank you for this interview and congratulations on your new EP «Congregation for Devil Worship and Aseity». Please, give us a history and bio of the band for those readers who have yet to hear your music.

eintrostlosespferd: Thank you for the invitation. The band was founded in 2019 to bring together the creative personalities of the three members and is based on simple musical intuition without setting any limits or claims. The heart of the band is the dedication of the members. The EP was recorded on various occasions from summer to autumn 2019.

Vladislav Drews: What is the concept of the band?

eintrostlosespferd: In my opinion every human being is born to suffer and to die. This inescapable shared destiny captivates the mind in the body and vice versa. This makes it human nature to burden each other, to hurt each other. The devil is the messenger of this freedom of evil. He is the sword and the wound alike. This is our adoration of him and this is his adoration of us.

Vladislav Drews: Ætherleib’s music is very harmonious and beautiful. Music on the «Congregation for Devil Worship and Aseity» is a great balance between occult rock, alternative and grunge. Where did your interest in music begin?

eintrostlosespferd: The basis of the band is the active creative exchange between the members. No genre has been selected or sought in advance. The band’s sound is the result of mutual interpretations and the different musical backgrounds of the members. The genre transitions happened organically.
Vladislav Drews: And the first song you wrote was?

eintrostlosespferd: The first song we wrote was the first song on the record, «A Sword is Drawn», since I got a habit of writing music almost exclusively in the order in which it should appear on a record. In this way, thoughts can progress while writing and maintain a natural continuity throughout the record.
Vladislav Drews: Can you tell me more about the choice of the cover art? Who is the author?

eintrostlosespferd: The artwork represents impermanence, the altar of withering with a sacrifice of blood in the middle, because there is no worship without sacrifice. I build it myself.

Vladislav Drews: Can we talk about the line-up of Ætherleib? What about bandmates? Do they play in other bands?

eintrostlosespferd: The members of the band have completely different musical backgrounds. In my opinion, Soror Bettrus and Belá Külföldi each are extraordinary, unconventional creative personalities.
The band’s identity is based on their diversity and connection. Soror Bettrus is a recurring creative ally of mine. Belá Külföldi has appeared in various bands since 1990.

Vladislav Drews: Do you have any plans to live shows?

eintrostlosespferd: For me, this music is written for its own sake, to be consumed alone, as a reflection. I reject the idea of presenting this music in an open social framework. For me this music represents an antidote to interpersonal relationships as a whole. Ætherleib hates clusters of people. Ætherleib loves the individual.

Vladislav Drews: I know that you are involved with a side project (Vergeblichkeit). What can you tell me about it?

eintrostlosespferd: Vergeblichkeit is my main musical output where I craft everything on my own. Among various things it mainly serves as reconsiliation with my self on different personal levels.

Vladislav Drews: Is there anything new there?
eintrostlosespferd: A full length release of Vergeblichkeit is being finished an will be released this year.

Vladislav Drews: How about a little trivia? What authors do you particularly like and read to? What about classical music? Who is your favorite classical composer and why?

eintrostlosespferd: I don’t want to share too much personal information because I think this unnecessarily affects the perception of the music. I can tell you so much that I think that the music of Ætherleib is spiritually influenced by the work of the authors Aleister Crowley, Hermann Hesse and Alan Watts.

Vladislav Drews: I want to thank you for taking the time out to speak with me. Is there anything you would like to say to the readers of Death Defier?

eintrostlosespferd: It was my pleasure. Thank you for interest and thanks to the readers who took the time to read this interview.

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