An interview with Ossuário’s G.C. Reaper

Algrid Vanadis (AG)Hail, guys! Thank you for taking the time to have a conversation with us. We were so excited to listen to your EP! Hope, it would be pleasure to talk and find out some curious facts about the Ossuário band. So give us some biographical information: when did you start the band and who are the so-called founding fathers?

Gustavo Azevedo (GA)Best regards! Well, Ossuário was formed in the beginning of 2012 by me (guitar/vocal) and Mandos (bass) initially as a duo, and a few months later Destroyer took on the drums. We have just one demo with the first line-up recorded in 2013 but released in 2015. Destroyer left the band when we started planning the production of «Metal Antichrist» EP, so we called H. Grinder to the drums. After the EP release, Mandos left the band, which made me swap to the bass while P. Necrolsky got the guitar. Since then with this line-up we started to play alive.

AGBy the way, have you ever studied music professionally or have you learnt to play the guitar, bass and drums yourself?

GAI started playing acoustic guitar around my 11, then I passed to electric guitar and bass, but I am self-taught. Never had lessons. I think all the members and ex-members are self-taught.

AGAt the very beginning of your music career did you have a special concept for your creative work or were you just obsessed with the idea of playing together and making old good metal?

GAOssuário was formed with the sole intention to play the Metal we worship. We’ve always been metalheads obsessed with Metal as a culture, from the music and lyrics to lifestyle and philosophy. So I can say that Ossuário came out from days and nights of tireless listening to Venom, Motörhead, Hellhammer & Celtic Frost, Bathory, Sarcófago, Mortuary Drape, Nifelheim, Dismember, Nihilist, Carcass, Death, Autopsy while a lot of alcohol and other dope were consumed talking about the occult and desecration in general (haha).

AGWhat (or who) is the engine of the band that brings you together, makes you toil and moil without skipping rehearsals?

GAIn fact, we’ve been a long time without rehearsing due to circumstances of our daily life, but I never stopped creating new songs. Even with this little pause, the engine that brings us together is the will and passion to play Metal.

AGWhat particular metal genres and bands, maybe, individuals influenced your work? By far one can easily identify Death, Morbid Angel, Deathhammer, Possessed, Carcass as you mention names of these bands’ albums in a great song “The Cult is Raw”, so what else?

GAThe «Deathhammer» you’ve seen on the lyrics is a reference to Asphyx’s album. We were listening a lot that album when it came out. «The Cult is Raw» is a song we made as a tribute to the old school death metal bands that always influenced us. Complementing our influences I can mention traditional Heavy Metal, 80’s and 90’s Black Metal, traditional Doom Metal and of course some Thrash and Speed Metal acts.

AGWhat do you think of Celtic Frost? There are some “uhs” in your songs that remind of this Tom Fischer’s trick.

GAYes, haha. Tom Warrior will always be a reference to me. In the beginning we were too excited with the idea to form a band again, and it was a little bit hard to not pay respects to our references. I think that «Uhs» will appear a bit less, because the songs I have ready for the first album are very different from those in «Metal Antichrist», bit less rock n’ roll and bit more blackned.

AGHow would you define the genre of your music? There are traits of death, black, even heavy metal, so which one predominates?

GAI use to call us Black Metal of Death. But actually we do not mind a lot about genres. We just put Satan and some rage in our music and it’s done.

AGWhat are other sources of your creative inspiration? It might be literature, cinema, history, religion and what-not.

GAChaos, life, death, sex, drugs, rituals, cemeteries, some horror movies, demons, pagan gods, ancient cultures and civilizations, philosophy, wild life, nature. Writers and occultists like Aleister Crowley,  Adriano C. Monteiro, Nietzsche, H. P. Lovecraft, E.A. Poe.

AGAnd now the most provocative question: do you believe in what you sing? Are you believers, atheists or heathens? Mockers, maybe?

GAObviously we do not fuck virgins in an altar (although that act must be good haha) as Venom doesn’t sacrifice any band member. That is the «fun» in Metal, the debauchery, neglect, being the opposition, the mockery, as you said.

But of course each one of us has his own beliefs in which we can call «energy» or existence, obviously with inclinations for what we talk about in our songs.

AGDoes the choice of your lyrics subject depend on your personal interest or you consider it to be topical in metal? I mean is it still reasonable to sing about fucking virgins and hating Jesus?

GAWhen we started the band our wish was to be associated immediately  with «satanic» or «evil» themes, because we believe that all Metal is «evil», «black», «dark»  in its essence. Considering our excitement about starting the band being influenced by Venom or Sarcófago for example, we just let ourselves go on with what we wanted to write and sing at that moment.

As I mentioned before, we have new songs for a future first album, and that songs are very different from the EP songs, and naturally the lyrics will show other ideas, themes or perspectives.

AGWhat is the point of “Metal Antichrist”? Was it made with a special purpose or just for fun?

GA«Metal Antichrist» was made with the special purpose of satisfaction on playing the Metal we like and to be part of the culture in general.

AGDo you plan to expand and diversify your music and lyrics? What subjects would you pick? What is important for you?

GAAs said before, we have songs for the first album, and these songs has another atmosphere, which led us to feel and write about different or deeper themes. New songs like «Ereshkigal» (about the mesopotamian goddess of Kur) or «The Light in Shape of Horror» (about finding truth through occultism) will be on the first album and we already play them live.

AGYou managed to create pretty apocalyptic pictures in your album but what are you in real life? What do you do for a living apart from metal?

GAWe are normal people, metal enthusiastic, who needs to work regularly as almost everyone in the underground I guess. There’s no life apart Metal, Metal is in life.

AGWhat are your goals for the nearest future? Do you plan to make a tour, give some concerts or release an album?

GAThe main plan is to record our debut full-length as soon as possible. As we well know, gigs for now are impossible until the end of this pandemia. But for sure we wanna make concerts again, thinking in other countries as well.

AGIn consideration of rather provocative nature of your work are you ready to make a compromise with concert managers, sponsors and other people who could influence the band’s well-being and change, smooth some things over or are you tough and sincere non-profit-making guys?

GAWe have always been and will be honest with what we do. So I think that from the moment we let ourselves be negatively influenced by some third party because of agreements aimed at profits, we’ll stop being who we are, stop being Metal. And it won’t happen.

AGImagine that you are on tour and you can choose countries and bands. What countries would you visit and what bands would you like to share the stage with?

GAI don’t want to choose a country to play. I just want to play where there are metalheads who wants to connect with us through our music. We never played out of Brazil, so overseas are always on the mind. Same about to choose bands. Want to share the stage with real Metal bands.

AGThe name of your band makes us recall an impressive place where many skulls, bones and skeletons have found their final rest. Have you ever been to such a place and — if yes – where exactly? 

GAWe are from Belo Horizonte, city of Sarcófago, Impurity, Holocausto and many others, and these bands used to hang around and take pictures in the most famous local cemetery, the Bonfim Cemetery. That cemetery is very old, I think it is from 1897, and there are too many big tombs and sepulchers and a large ossuary with a lot of drawers where they keep the bones of the dead. So, surrounded by all this energy and history, the name OSSUÁRIO (in portuguese) came out in my mind and a new beast was born.

AGDo you believe that booze and drugs really open the doors of perception, give inspiration and help to create? Is it better to live fast and die young or would you rather prefer a healthy lifestyle?

GAIn the right doses, yes. I believe that this varies from person to person. To booze or to use another stuff is not a mandatory by the way.
I think the better is to do what you want. If the guy wants to live fast and die fast, go ahead haha
All of us have a normal life. We booze very controlled nowadays. But of course we had our times of boozing a lot, and I think we were still on that times when we formed the band.

AGThe last question is about your cooperation with the Death Defier Productions. Does the collaboration fully satisfy your needs as a band? What would you change to make it better and more effective?

GAUntil now DDP has been very supportive and interested in our work. Good communication and very friendly. There’s nothing to be changed I guess. Hope we can do more collaborations in the future.

AGThank you for such an interesting conversation, I see you guys are all-metal nonconformists, right the way true metalheads should be. It was nice to talk to you. Good luck with the release of your full-length album. Hope to hear from you soon again!

July, 2020

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