Рубрика «Thrash Metal»

An interview with Ossuário’s G.C. Reaper

Algrid Vanadis (AG): Hail, guys! Thank you for taking the time to have a conversation with us. We were so excited to listen to your EP! Hope, it would be pleasure to talk and find out some curious facts about the Ossuário band. So give us some biographical information: when did you start the band and …

Pre-order of OSSUÁRIO’s «Metal Antichrist»

DEATH DEFIER PRODUCTIONS is proud to present OSSUÁRIO’s mini-album, Metal Antichrist, on Red and White and Red-White Cassettes (limited to 50 + 25 + 25 copies). Metal Antichrist is Black/Thrash Metal in the best traditions of the old school Blackned Heavy Metal (for fans Bathory, Omega, Sarcófago, etc). To be released in August 8th, 2020. …

OSSUÁRIO’s «Metal Antichrist» (cassette tape format)

Death Defier Productions announces August 13th, 2020 as the release date the first reissue for EU and CIS for OSSUÁRIO‘s (Brazil) debut mini album, METAL ANTICHRIST, on cassette tape format. Especially for this edition will be prepared a new design and artwork that have not been previously used by the band.