Pre-order of OSSUÁRIO’s «Metal Antichrist»

DEATH DEFIER PRODUCTIONS is proud to present OSSUÁRIO’s mini-album, Metal Antichrist, on Red and White and Red-White Cassettes (limited to 50 + 25 + 25 copies). Metal Antichrist is Black/Thrash Metal in the best traditions of the old school Blackned Heavy Metal (for fans Bathory, Omega, Sarcófago, etc). To be released in August 8th, 2020.

You can get full-album now (via the Bandcamp app), plus the physical copy the moment it’s released.

Pre-order information:
— Red Cassette x 2.5 euro
— White Cassette x 2.5 euro
— Red-White Cassette x 2.5 euro
— 2.5 mm badge x 1 euro
— Cassette + Badge x 3 euro

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